The Collectif TEMPORADAS

is a non-profit association (under the 1901 law) whose aim is to
“organise the seasonal festive rituals of Pézenas
by pooling knowledge, practices, research and imagination
linked to the notion of Intangible Cultural Heritage.”

…in short, it’s a crazy bunch who celebrate in Pézenas
from winter to summer and from spring to autumn.

The Collectif has its origins in the audiences and actors
involved in the seasonal festive rituals of Pézenas,
perpetuating an immemorial tradition,
that of the Temporadas.

The festive rituals of the Temporadas celebrate our relationship with the cycles of time, on both a cosmic and a human scale, as much at the level of Nature as at that of the city that brings us together.

In Pézenas, these are embodied in the celebration of seasonal transitions :
* from winter to spring, when Nature awakens, it’s the start of Carnival and the festival of the town’s protector, Sant-Blasi ;
* from spring to summer, when it reaches maturity, at the summer solstice, there comes Sant-Joan d’Estiu ;
* from summer to autumn, at the time of its decline, to tame Death, this is Martror ;
* from autumn to winter, to begin its period of regeneration, at the winter solstice, is Sant-Joan d’Ivèrn or Nadal.

The Collectif is largely inspired by the wandering shows and festive rituals that preceded it.
Claude Alranq, the Calandreta dels Polinets and the Collectif Pebrin’ have all reminded to Tradition its share of the imaginary.
The Théâtre des Origines, by investing spectacularly the Temporadas spacetime from 2006 to 2014, gave everyone a chance to share in the creative dimension of the rituals.

To keep these popular celebrations alive in all their dimensions, whether secular or sacred, a collective has been formed to orchestrate the staging of theatrical, musical and ritualised festivities, strolling through the streets of the town.

The creation of seasonal festive rituals is a participative and collaborative process : it draws on the creative, imaginative, practical and organisational skills of each individual, according to their wishes and availability.
The pleasure of getting together, sharing and creating collectively – whatever your sex, age, beliefs, orientation… – by promoting the local heritage – tangible and, above all, intangible – and by drawing inspiration from its history and stories – past and present – leads the “ Temporadas ” to imagine an original, confident and truculent future, based on a shared commitment : living together !

Organised as an association under the law of 1901, the Collectif brings together all those who want to keep seasonal festive rituals alive,

– citizens-amateurs-volunteers and professionals in the performing arts, together with schoolchildren, patients from the day hospital, residents of the retirement home, cultural, social, heritage, festive and sporting associations, artists, shopkeepers, supporters… –

working for research, training, creation, transmission and maintenance of social links, making possible to recreate, year after year, immemorial and ever-renewed traditions that are part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Pézenas.



How does the Collectif Temporadas work ?

Membership is individual.
The annual fee is 10€.

Members are invited, according to their availability, their wishes and their skills, to participate in the running of one or more Colleges covering all the needs necessary for the seasonal ritual festivals of Pézenas :

– Administration and Finance
– Art and Research
– Communication
– Training and Creativity
– Technical and Logistics
– Partnerships and Volunteers

The Colleges are free to organise their own operations and meetings and delegate one or more representatives to the C.A. (board). Representation is « rotating », meaning that representatives may change from one board meeting to the next.
The board meets at the request of the Bureau (Executive Commitee) or one of the Colleges in order to centralise information and promote coherent action.

The Assemblée Générale (A.G. / Ordinary General Meeting – convened in March each year) votes on the moral and financial reports for the previous year and elects the members of the Bureau.

The role of the Bureau is to represent the association (legally and politically) and to ensure that decisions taken comply with the Articles of Association and the various laws to which the organisation is subject.

The Collectif Temporadas is supported by

la Ville de Pézenas

la Région Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée

Teatre Baug

l’Office de Tourisme Cap d’Agde Méditerranée

le département de l’Hérault

Les Bureaux (the Executive Commitees)

President : Véronique VALÉRY
Treasurer : Agnès ALLART
Vice-Treasurer : Dolorès TORRES
Secretary : Frédéric SERVA
Vice-Secretary : Rosa ESTEBAN-SOULLIER
Vice-Secretary : Florence JOUVES

President : Muriel BOUSQUET-BOINEAU
Treasurer : Chantal MAGRET
Secretary : Frédéric SERVA
President : Thomas BOUSQUET
Treasurer : Isabelle MARTIN-SERVA
Secretary : Magali RICHAUD

President : Isabelle USSON
Treasurer : Eric STIENON
Secretary : Philippe FERRERES
President : Luigi NOTARANGELO
Treasurer : Sylvie CAVALIE-ALRANQ
Secretary : Maryse COUDERC

President : Marianne GENIEYS
Treasurer : Maxime BOILON
Secretary : Alice HERNANDEZ
President : Christelle PEREUIL
Treasurer : Agnès ALLART
Secretary : Bernadette FALGUERES
Vice-Secretary : Amélie JALBERT

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